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Does your outdoor entertainment area need an upgrade from the white sheet you’ve been using to show movies?

Let us customize and design a high-end, weather resistant audio video area that will have you wanting to charge your guests admission.


Outdoor TVs: The Do’s and Don’ts

Outdoor TV - Source: Sunbrite TV

Outdoor TV - Source: Sunbrite TV

The most important thing to remember when creating an outdoor living space is not to use equipment designed for the indoors, outdoors. There is specific equipment designed for the heat and cold that are brighter with anti-glare properties. Whether it’s your TV, or speaker system, make sure they’re designed for outdoor use.

Our products include SunBrite TVs, which are engineered to be permanently installed outdoors and designed to handle rain, snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity and extreme hot or cold weather.

Sunbrite TVs are at least 30% or up to 3 times brighter than indoor TVs, have a sharper picture and reduce glare. Whether its full sun, partial sun or full shade there’s a Sunbrite TV to fit your needs and your space.

Don’t forget to upgrade your remote to one that will work through walls and is waterproof, nobody want's to leave the pool to turn the volume up.

Music: Outdoor Speakers will Blow You Away

Outdoor Speakers: Source TruAudio

Outdoor Speakers: Source TruAudio

Do you enjoy entertaining your family and friends at your home, but once you go outside the music fades away? Turning the volume up to 11 inside just doesn’t make any sense.

The solution is high quality outdoor speakers that contour to your outside entertainment area. The TruAudio line of speakers and subwoofers can be part of the hardscape, or directly buried into the ground and are designed to fit any size space, large or small. TruAudio’s Acoustiscape™ speakers are designed to blend into your current landscape and will provide a rich full sound and when paired with a SubTerrain™ or Hardscape subwoofer you will experience a deep bass that brings you the music like it was meant to be heard.

Working with a smaller outdoor space? TruAudio’s UltraScape Series is perfect to add an unparalleled sound while blending in with your landscape.

Need some sound on you patio for your next extravaganza? The TruAudio’s patio style speaker system are perfect in open-spaces and with the Swivot Technology mounting system will give you the sound precisely where you want it.

Nothing sets the mood like some good music. Whether you’re rocking to your favorite jam or slow dancing to your favorite ballad, you need a good speaker system to make that experience happen, designing and installing that experience is where we excel.

Lighting: See it All and Set the Mood Too.

Outdoor Lighting. Source: Coastal Source

Outdoor Lighting. Source: Coastal Source

With products from Coastal Source, our team can design and install a landscape lighting system that will keep you outside until the sun rises.

Coastal Source fixtures will cover all your landscape lighting needs. Whether it’s your extraordinary trees, some architectural detail of your home, a garden path, walkway or a custom built retaining wall, there’s a fixture for every application. Coastal Source fixtures are made completely out of brass and are 100% sealed to keep out moisture, debris and insects and are designed for superior functionality and durability.

Now that there’s some light on the matter, another great idea from Coastal Source is their line of outdoor audio products. Coastal Source Outdoor Audio products will blend into any landscape and offer a high-performance sound in any outdoor area. The Coastal Source rock speakers put the “rock” in Rock n’ Roll. These speakers can blend in or add a touch texture to your landscape while providing the music you need while getting the chores done, or partying the night away.

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance: Keep your Investment Safe

As the night is winding down and guest are heading home, you want to make sure your outdoor entertainment system will be safe from vandals and thieves.

Having surveillance cameras and a professionally installed security system is an excellent deterrent and will give you peace of mind that your property and family are safe, whether you’re at home or away.


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