Media Rooms and Home Theaters - An at Home Experience Like No Other


Have you been looking to make the next big game or Netflix binge session more enjoyable? If so, a media room or home theater would go a long way towards making that happen. Make the most of those four walls and create a viewing and listening experience that stimulates all the senses in the comfort of your own home!


Media Rooms

Media Room

The most common space to enjoy your music and TV is a media room.

A multi-use area or room, these spaces are where comfortable seating is arranged for a more social experience with family and friends. The flexible use of the space allows you to experience your favorite TV show or have movie night, but you can also enjoy the area as a game room, family room or kids play room during the day - then at night, queue up the movie and start serving up the cocktails (after the kids are in bed, of course).

When considering a media room the most important features are light and sound. In order to get these two components right, take these important considerations into account:

First, be aware of the location this room so A/V wiring can be routed.

Second, select a room or area where there’s not too much glare from windows.

Lastly, sound can affect others around your media room. Be sure to take into account how this room could disturb other family members in surrounding areas. If other family members are working, resting, or trying to watch another program, be sure they won’t be disturbed by that awesome movie you’ve been waiting to see.

If a person’s home is their castle, your castle (never mind it’s size) needs a media room. This room can be as grandiose or minimalistic depending on your specific needs and tastes. Working with experts and a carefully thought out plan will help you get the most out of this space while also including all the comforts of home.

Home Theaters

Award winning home theater

If you are looking for something a step above a media room, a custom home theater will surely take your entertainment to another level.

A home theater is an entire room dedicated to recreating the experience of seeing movies in a theater from the comfort of your home.

The details and accessories can include windowless rooms, reclining theater seating and acoustic panels just to name a few. These rooms are equipped with the best technology to ensure the sound and comfort level is maximized for that unique enhanced experience.

From new additions or remodeling of an existing room, a home theater can be created from almost any build or renovation phase of your residence.

The planning stage is the best time to customize the theater to allow your personal preferences to shine through. With Cloud MIS punching your ticket, we can help you create anything from a basic room to one that wins national awards (yes, we’ve won awards for our home theaters), and everything in between.

Picture it. It’s a rainy, late November Saturday afternoon and you’re a little bored but don’t want to take off those sweatpants and leave the house. Your home theater is calling your name and you queue up your favorite movie. Now all you need to do is decide who’s turn it is to make the popcorn. This sleepy Saturday solution really puts the “home” in home theater.


Are you interested in a media room or home theater – I mean, who isn’t??

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