Home Automation - A Helpful Home is Closer than You Think


Are you looking to incorporate some of today’s technology into your daily routine and create a home that’s just as smart as you are?

At Cloud MIS, we like to think of home automation as a “lifestyle enhancement”. But with so many products from different manufacturers coming onto the market, things can get a little overwhelming, even before addressing the installation, configuration and set up that needs to be done.

A thoughtfully designed home automation system can control lighting, entertainment systems, window shades, security system, HVAC and many other devices connected to the internet from anywhere, and your options are virtually limitless. With home automation you are able to control every aspect of your home wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet or PC, giving you peace of mind weather you're home, at work or away on vacation. The result produces not only a great experience, but also adds convenience and can generate a cost savings on utilities by fine tuning the systems around your home.


Smart Thermostats Deliver More than Just Temperature Control

Smart Thermostat

Home thermostats have come a long way in the past decade and no longer are merely a thermometer that triggers your HVAC system to turn on or off at a desired temperature.

Smart thermostats can now learn your schedule and routines, allowing your system to become more efficient and to run only when needed. Some models are even equipped with motion sensors to let the thermostat know when you are in a room or when a room is unoccupied. This knowledge also means your system will run only when necessary.

Wifi enabled thermostats allow the user to control the thermostat remotely to make adjustments from almost anywhere. In bed during a summer heat wave? Grab your smart phone to access the thermostat app to bump the temp down a few degrees, right from the comfort of your bed. Returning home after a vacation in the middle of the winter? Launch the app at the airport for a toasty warm house upon your arrival home.

More control equals more savings. Having the ability to control your HVAC system remotely with sophisticated apps means you can take better control of your comfort and your utility costs. The advanced scheduling and immediate control a smart thermostat delivers, results in lower utility costs, especially when compared to an analog style thermostat. Also, it’s just downright cool to be able to control your comfort from across the room, across town or even across the world.

Shedding a Light on WiFi Enabled Lighting

Home with wifi enabled lighting

Smart lighting brings the invention of the light bulb to a whole new level. From lamps and in ceiling lighting to outdoor applications and seasonal light displays, you can now take control of your lights from home or abroad.

Create control quickly and easier than ever before. The apps that control your lights allow you to pair switches, plugs and fixtures to enable routines or take immediate control at the touch of a button. Leaving home? Turn off all your lights with an app or even a voice command. Hear something outside late at night? Turn on the outdoor flood lamps for peace of mind.

Added ambiance in an instant. Lighting is no longer used just to eliminate the darkness. It can be used to deliver the ideal movie-viewing experience, set the mood for date night, and to enhance the “WOW” factor during holiday seasons.

Peace of mind from a few pieces of equipment. Strategically positioned smart lighting components can be set to activate on your arrival home, eliminating those dark areas on your property for added security. While you’re away, smart lighting settings can cycle different lights on and off at alternating times to give the appearance someone is occupying the home.

Smart Locks Offer Safety and Convenience

Smart Lock and smart phone app

Gain security or give access at the touch of a button. Gone are the days of wondering if you locked the front door or remembering if you put the spare key back under that rock (the one where the burglars know to look). With a smart lock and an app, you can quickly see if the back door is locked or let that relative in from where ever you are.

Receive alerts on to know when doors are opened. Locks can also be paired with security cameras to provide video feeds that are accessible from your smartphone, to see who's entering and leaving your home.

Give temporary access to your home. No longer do you need to have numerous sets of spare keys, only to wonder who can easily enter your home, whether it be friend or foe. Have to allow the dog walker into your house during your work day? Unlock your door remotely when they arrive and lock it once they leave.

Assign access to anyone and remove it at anytime. Person specific PIN numbers can also be assigned to those who need to enter your house. This will also give you visibility into who is entering your home and when. When the contractor is done with the tile job, simply remove their PIN and sleep easy.

Rooms that are Ready in an Instant

Media Room with custom room settings

Setup every room for every occasion. It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s time to sit down and watch the big in your media room. Grab your smart phone, hit your customized “Game Time” activation button. This enables the arena surround sound setting, dims the lights and lower the shades. Short of putting on your number one foam finger, you are now ready to cheer on your favorite team.

Same room several settings equals maximum versatility. We all have that room in our house that gets used for multiple activities. The kitchen quickly comes to mind as a room that is a jack of all trades. Morning breakfast calls for the shades rising to let the sunshine in and talk radio on the speaker system. The mid day slump signals the time for coffee and some instrumental music to get you back in your groove. While the evening meal prep requires good lighting and bumping music to get your marinating on. The lights dim and some piano music plays to usher in that date night dinner you’ve been eagerly awaiting.

Room setting are limitless and only restricted by your imagination. With a little inspiration, ingenuity and automation, you can really maximize the enjoyment of your living spaces and bring your home to life.


Looking for more ideas for home automation?

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