A media room is by far the most common space people have to enjoy their movies and music.

These spaces are generally defined as a multipurpose room with a large television, mid to high-level audio system and comfy seating. Friends and family congregate to these areas not only to experience their favorite TV shows, movies, etc. but also to enjoy other amenities such as an open kitchen area, bar game room, family room, etc.

The advantage of a media room is that space is generally a more social experience and is a room that is used for other things.

Media rooms can contain:

Large LED or OLED Television, High-End Sound Bar / Multi-Channel Audio within wall, ceiling or in-room speakers and subwoofer driven by a Surround Sound Receiver or a dedicated Hi-Fi two channel system for a high-end music experience. Add in comfy seating such as couches and recliners to fully enjoy your audio visual experience.