McIntosh & Cloud M.I.S.

The people behind the scenes at McIntosh possess a desire to achieve the finest quality standards. McIntosh has defined quality sound reproduction and sets the standards for performance, reliability and service. McIntosh has handcrafted prestige audio products in Binghamton, NY since 1949. Glass front panels, Output Autoformers®, Blue Watt Meters and Power Guard® are some of the innovations that enhance our product longevity.


THE McIntosh Story

Heritage’ refers to places and values past established that continue to influence the operation and culture of McIntosh today. The McIntosh founding fathers created a solid foundation based on sound business and scientific principles that continue to guide the company. These men and the company home of Binghamton, NY have formed the special company that is McIntosh today.

McIntosh was originally founded in Silver Spring, Maryland, in 1949. The current Binghamton, NY factory, shown under construction in 1956, continues to grow with the company.

The vision of Frank McIntosh (r.) to build a better amplifier challenged what was believed possible. Gordon Gow (l.) and Frank together designed the famous ‘Unity Coupled Circuit.’

idney Corderman joined McIntosh in 1951 as head of research, engineering and development. His forty year tenure established McIntosh as a leader in high performance audio.

Maurice Painchaud was the original controller of McIntosh. Master of all things financial as well as production planning and procurement, Maurice was a quiet hero at McIntosh.