Eight good reasons that you should consider office365 for your mail provider Vs. using a third party host or keeping it in house/on premises.

  1. Microsoft develops, and distributes the software. There are many providers that host Exchange / Lync and SharePoint successfully, but they are not the developers of the products they host. No third party hosting company can claim to match the resources, investment and level of expertise in these products as Microsoft.
  2. Microsoft's products are in a constant state of development to improve their capabilities, reliability and security. The improvements made to these products will flow directly into their Office365 products.
  3. More often these improvements come to Office365 first, before their traditional on premise server applications. As an Office365 customer you will automatically have access to these improvements included in your subscription as they are released. Updates to these products may be available to third party hosting providers as well, but you may be charged for these upgrades.
  4. Office365 provides redundancy across datacenter located around the globe. n the event that a datacenter goes down, clients can be brought back online in a matter of hours. Microsoft has the staff to provide 99.9% uptime and live up to the promise.
  5. Office365 provides each licensed suer on Exchange a generous 50GB mailbox per user. This is much larger than most other hosting providers. If you elect higher tier plans package, each user will have an unlimited email archive, plus will receive licensed copies of the latest version of Office to install on their machines.
  6. Office365 services are tightly integrated together. For example, your Lync presence status is available in Outlook, Outlook Web App (webmail), and SharePoint. Other providers may offer these services but depending on their offerings the applications may not be integrated.
  7. Microsoft developed and Office365 marketplace that is growing daily with optional add-on services and products that integrate with your Office365 subscription.
  8. When new features for Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office Professional become available they will be rolled out to the Office365 community and will be available as part of your monthly subscription.