Iso Acoustics Aperta 200

Iso Acoustics Aperta 200


Sculpted Aluminum Acoustic Isolation Stands, Aluminum, Black or Silver Finish

  • Max. Weight 75 lbs
  • 10 X 7.8 x 3.5
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Sculpted aluminum acoustic isolation stands designed especially for high end hi-fi bookshelf, desktop speakers, studio monitors, large speakers on floor stands, as well as under floor-standing speakers. The Aperta 200’s solid aluminum frame and isolator construction has an overall size of 7.8”x10” (200x254mm) and is designed to support large speakers weighing up to 75 lbs. The stand features a low profile (3.5 inches), enabling speakers to have a low stance while enhancing their clarity and performance. The stands’ unique tilt adjustment enables the user to set the optimum tilt angle, with fine gradation markings provided to ensure precise angle adjustments.

  • 10 x 7.8 x 3.5
  • Max. Weight 75 lbs
  • Sold as a pair